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CFMoto Door Extension 1000 Z Sport

3.495,00 kr


Bygg om dina originaldörrar på CFMoto 1000 Z Sport.
Detta är den nedre delen av dörren.
Grymt bra tillbehör.
Komplett sats om 2st (höger & vänster dörr).
Vikt: 4kg
Storlek: 1070 x 570 x 210mm

Lite info på engelska:
Set of two side doors for the CFmoto Z1000 UTV.
When designing, we took into account all the features of this buggy model, so the Tesseract doors organically complement its configuration.
The doors are made of high-quality resistant plastic.
The stiffeners allow distributing the load in case of an impact.
The doors provide comfort and safety for the driver and passenger – they prevent dirt, sand, rocks and branches from getting inside the UTV.
With the Tesseract doors, nothing can stop you from enjoying your adventure rides!
The doors are installed with mounting plates and bolts.
Complete set:
– Right door.
– Left door.
– 2 small mounting plates.
– 2 large mounting plates.
– 6 bolts.

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